Tuesday, September 14, 2010

mahalaxmi Puja Process

Mata Mahalaxmi pooja

Starting on15th sep 2010, the mahalakshmi vrata will go for 16 days. This fast can be very useful for you. If you keep this fast and complete it properly, you shall get what you want.

You can keep this fast for 16 days(This year seventeen days), starting on 
15 sept 2010 to 1 october 2010 . Some times it may be a problem of fasting for 16 day in that case u can fast for only three days as per your Faith and devotion. If you wish to  fast for 3 days only, then you must fast on first day and last day of Mahalakshmi vrata that is 15th sept and 1st October, 2010  and on the day of purnima (full moon), encountered during the duration of this vrata. Vrat on the purnima is also called uma-maheshwar vrata this year it will be on 22nd September, 2010. 

If you start keeping the fast for mahalakshmi vrata, it is advisable for   you to  continue this fast for 16 continuous years. Also, the uma-maheshwar vrata must be continued for 18 years. If you keep the fast properly each year and for 16 years (mahalakshmi vrata) and 18 years (uma-maheshwar vrata) you will get everything that you desire; there will be no hurdles.
Mahalakshmi Vrata Pooja Process

1.      you will need a photo or statue of goddess Lakshmi Now place the Photo or Idol of godess Laxmi on a wooden stool (चौकी ) covered with white silk cloth or white Gauze.
2.      Just in case you are using a statue make sure that you decorate the Idol with beautiful clothes , of red colour.
3.      If you want you can establish(स्थापित) a Urn (कलश) and place an akhand jyoti .
4.      Offer prayers daily in the moring and eveing by singing aarti , lighting a Ghee Diya , and offer sweets prepared from milk(भोग)
5.      Take a piece of Kalawa and and put 16 knots on that. Tie this thread (with knots) in your wrist. All the members of the family doing the vrata should have this thread on their wrist during the first day of pooja. After the first day (morning) prayer is completed, untie the thread and put it in front of lakshmi ji. This thread will be used again on the last day of (evening) pooja.
6.      On the last day for उदयापन or concluding the pooja Take two soops made of bamboo ('baans ki sirki' to be exact) If you are not able to find a soop, you can also use new 'thali' (plates) made of stainless steel.
7.      Place any sixteen item , 16 pieces each, in one of the soop/thali, and cover them with another thali/soop. Light  16 diyas and offer your pooja by offering your regards , arti and diyas . After the pooja is completed, touch the soop (thali)and make a resolution that you will donate the items in the soop.
8.      Offer Argh to the starts and call mata mahalaxmi by reciting the following mantra three time “he maata mahalakshmi, mere ghar aa jao” (If both husband and wife are having the fast then they should put their hands in each other's hands and then call Lakshmi ji)
9.      After providing 'ardh' to stars and calling Lakshmi ji, keep food for Lakshmi ji in one plate and one plate each for the members who have kept the fast. If possible, put Lakshmi ji's food in plate/thali made of silver. Mahalakshmi ji should be facing north. The members of the family keeping fast should face east or west while having food.
10. The food shall consist of kheer, poori, vegetables, raita and chutni
11. After finishing the dinner, cover the food for Lakshmi ji and leave it there during the night. DO NOT uncover the soop as well. In the morning, give the food to a cow and the items in the soop should be donated to a brahmin who has done the 'jaap' of lakshmi ji during the Mahalakshmi vrata.

List of 16 items to be placed in the soop for donating
  • chunri
  • bindi
  • sindoor,
  • panrandi (ribbon)
  • kangha (comb)
  • sheesha (mirror)
  • vastra (clothing) 16 meter white cloth, or 16 hankerchiefs(rumaal)
  • bichhiya,
  • naak ki keel (nath)
  • fruits
  • mithai (sweets)
  • meva (dry fruit)
  • laung
  • elaichi

Mahalakshmi ji's mantra

"aum shring hring shring kamle kamlaalaye prasid prasid shring hring shring mahalakshmaye namah"
Hindi: "ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं कमले कमलालये प्रासिद प्रासिद श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं महालक्षमाये नमः"

Mahalakshmi ji's yantra

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  1. really very useful information, can you please provide mahalakshmi stotram which will be chanted in favour of Goddess Lakshmi...

  2. During these fast , can we take fruits and milk , and no grains...please guide

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    Women perform Lakshmi puja in early morning taking a ritual bath. After bath, in some places, women tie 16 knotted cotton white thread strings on to left hand or put in pooja or in front of Mahalxmi and remove knot everyday for 16 days and sprinkle some water using Durva grass blades on to their body. Before sprinkling water, the Durva grass blades are kept in water. e-mail at pulkit5225@rediffmail.com

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  4. nice post! Chanting Lakshmi Stotram daily once has changed my entire life. It gives us the strength we believe in . Particularly during the festival of Diwali I used to visit near by Goddess Lakshmi temple and offer my prayers. I also used to draw the beautiful sankranti muggulu with chukkalu which are also called sankranthi muggulu designs in Telugu in front of our homes to welcome Mata Lakshmi devi.